Vivid Birds of Healesville.

Healesville Sanctuary is a not-for-profit conservation organisation in the countryside of Victoria, Australia. It is dedicated to fighting Australian wildlife extinction.  The programme includes breeding endangered species then returning them to the Australian bush, and rehabilitating injured wildlife. Visitors from Australia and overseas enjoy a day at this extraordinary zoo.
Recently we took Alberto, from Pavia Italy, to the Healesville Sanctuary after watching the film Healing. We mainly went to see the Birds of Prey show, hoping to have a close encounter with a Wedge Tailed Eagle, ruler of the sky. Along the way we enjoyed visiting these vividly coloured Lorikeets and Rosellas.

This week the Daily Post goes colourful as it looks at the word Vivid, as Sydney celebrates its 7th Vivid Festival. For the best virtual tour of Sydney’s Vivid light show, visit Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’s post here.