Good Morning Vietnam. Chào Buổi Sáng

Around the tourist precinct of Hoî An, mornings are peaceful and slow. It’s a great time to go walking to experience a different pace of life. The frenetic sound of buzzing motorbikes has yet to spoil the peace; only the slow creak of an occasional bicycle breaks the silence. The gentle heat caresses the skin: the incandescent light makes the city seem surreal. Can you hear the splash of the wooden oar in the Thu Bon river?

Last night this corner of Hoi An was packed with tourists.
Last night this corner of Hoi An was packed with tourists.

In contrast, things are hotting up down at the wharf near Hoi An’s central market. Women arrive from out-of-town, bicycles stocked up and loaded onto the boat, ready for another day of business. Fishermen arrive with their catch and business is brisk at 6 AM.

Women arriving in Hoi An for the day.
Women arrive from villages out along the Thu Bon River, anticipating a good day of business.
Morning boats along the Thu Bon, including a round Thing Chai boat, similar to a Coracle.
Morning boats along the Thu Bon River, including a round Thung Chai, similar to a Coracle.


Postcards from Hoi An, Vietnam

After a ridiculously long journey to the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An, a trip that extended from a tolerable 9 hours to a 36 hour epic, with lost luggage, early morning wake up calls, long waits in the Ho Chi Minh domestic airport, and a series of queues, Chinese whispers and broken sleep, we arrived!

Patience is required when your flights don't connect. Monkey in the Japanese Bridge, HoiAn
Patience is required when your flights don’t connect. Monkey in the Japanese Bridge, HoiAn

I’m sure many travellers have experienced flights that have gone awry due to unforeseen delays and this trip will go down as a legendary journey. At some point along the way, I entered a state of suspended animation, the only way to survive in these situations. Enter the walking zombie stuck in a time loop, drifting through an overly bright land of marble and garish Singaporean lighting, accompanied by loud piano muzac, as the luggage goes around and around, and none of it is yours, and the help desks offer none. There’s more to this saga but I’ll spare you, dear reader.

Yellow Walls, Hoi An, Vietnam
Yellow Walls, Hoi An, Vietnam

It always amazes me how quickly aching bones recover and zombie memories fade. The palate is excited once again and new colours enliven the soul. The tropical heat caresses the skin as the sun goes down and it’s time to go walking. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Hôi An.

Spring rolls by the river
Eating Spring rolls by the Thu Bon Rriver, Hoi An

A cooking class for two is booked: Mr T will learn once again how to make delicious dishes that he vows to make at home one day! The best vegetarian restaurant in the world, well maybe at least in Hoi An, has been sampled, and the local beer slides down too easily on a hot and humid day.

Night Time views Hoi An
Night time views Hoi An