Brexit has rocked the world this week and so Ailsa, at Where’s My Backback, has nominated Exits as the travel theme of the week. I found this beautiful door, with its hand painted Salida or Exit sign, in Valparaiso, Chile. A few chains around that Salida, leaving won’t be so easy. SALIDA. Door in Valparaiso, Chile

The Colours of Valparaiso

Art in transition?
Art in transition?

I have always longed to return to Valparáiso, Chile, South America just to see the how the colours have changed and to see if the artwork is renewed on the walls. The streets of Valparáiso provide a canvas for all sorts of artists as well as home painters, who prefer to use bright colours for external walls.  I imagine the walls are always in transition.  Steep streets rise up above the busy port, the hilly suburbs accessed via ancient, vertical tram cars or ascensori, which take you from one level to the next. If you walk, goat like, to the upper reaches, you will be rewarded with more colourful views.

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