Weekly Photo Challenge. Angular in Shinjuku,Tokyo.

1-Rae&Stu2 181When we stayed in Shinjuku, 新宿駅, Tokyo, we were often disoriented, especially when returning from Shinjuku station to our hotel. If we didn’t leave from the same exit each time, the sky was full of angular buildings that we hadn’t noticed before. Lost again!

1-Rae&Stu2 178There are 200 exits in Shinjuku Station and they all look the same. This underground world sees 3 to 4 million people pass through it daily. No one rushes, there are no loud noises or cell phone conversations.  The system works efficiently and smoothly.

1-Rae&Stu2 188

Exiting upwards into the modern angular world of Shinjuku, it’s colourful, vibrant, busy and often bewildering.