Off- Centre on Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

The young woman on the left bears some resemblance to La Gioconda, Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrait of the Mona Lisa. She smiles enigmatically while those under the arched portico of the Ponte Vecchio go about their evening business. Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Off -Centre. All my photos tend to be taken in this way, but this one is my favourite.

Travel Theme: Inviting

Along the River Arno, Florence, Italy, there are many inviting spots away from the tourist crowd.

Il fiume d'Arno
Il fiume d’Arno

The gold shops of the Ponte Vecchio are inviting. I’m just looking, thankyou! Sto solo dando un’occhiata. But I suspect the shop assistants already know this!

I negozi d'oro lungo ponte vecchio, Firenze
I negozi d’oro lungo ponte vecchio, Firenze

Grazie Ailsa for the chance to find inviting things in Florence this week.