Balancing in Pisa

Arriving in Pisa, the tower dominates the skyline
Arriving in Pisa, the tower dominates the skyline

Every time I travel to Europe with someone considerably younger than me, I spend hours waiting for them at the base of a monument as they nimbly scramble up and around parapets, belfries, turrets and vaults. I suffer from extreme vertigo but when it comes to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this dread goes into overdrive.

balance 6
Come down from that building, you insane people.
balance 3
Waiting for Mischa, deja vu! Time to read a book.
Why bother to straighten this photo?

I have chosen some unusual shots of this most ridiculously unbalanced building as my contribution to Ailsa’s travel them this week, Balance, at Where’s My Backpack.

More about this trip to Il Torre Pendente di Pisa  can be found here.


Travel Theme: Strong

IMG_1572The foundation stones of Il Torre di Pisa were laid in 1173 and despite its lean, the tower is still going strong. 
IMG_1582Its weight is estimated at 14,500 metric tons. and the thickness of the walls at the base is  2.44 metres.IMG_1586

You need to be strong to climb to the top, not only because of the 294 steps. Those suffering from vertigo aren’t able to find the courage to handle the height or the lean. The last time we were there, we sent young Mischa Bella up on her own but in the company of a handsome gentleman and his son, who we found in the queue!  You need to be 18 years old to attempt the climb da sola, and Mischa, who was only 14, was determined to reach the top.  Brava Mischa.

And brava also to Ailsa who has chosen STRONG as the travel theme this week.