Il Palio di Siena. The Goose

The contrada dell’oca, the district of the goose, won the Palio, Siena’s famous horse race, in July 2011. When we stayed in that district in October of the same year, they were still celebrating their victory. Flags adorned the narrow streets and song and chanting could be heard late at night.

The Contrada di L'oca, 2011
The Contrada dell”oca, 2011

I have very fond memories of Siena and would happily return there in a flash, especially in winter when the light is long and low over Il campo and the tourists buses have disappeared, when gentle snow drifts down medieval lanes and the Sienese continue their evening passeggiatta, the hems of long woollen coats sweeping the ancient pathways.

the flags of L'oca adorn the streets of it's contrada.
The flags of l’oca adorn the streets of its contrada.