My Twister

I don’t see my younger sister very often, despite the fact that we both live on the outskirts of Melbourne, or around an hour’s drive apart. Sometimes six months will pass before we catch up. The best times are when she comes to stay at my place in the country or when I get to land on her for a few days in her winter apartment in Coolangatta, Queensland. After spending the first 24 hours giving the drinks a serious nudge, we begin to relax into a comfortable routine of walking, cooking, shopping and sister trickery.

While wandering aimlessly around one of the finer shoe shops in Coolangatta, discussing the various pros and cons of brands, colours and comfort factors, the shop assistant rushed up eagerly with a wild look in her eye and announced,” you are twins or sisters, no twisters”. We keep forgetting that we have grown to resemble each other over the last twenty years and each time it happens, we are amused, amazed and delighted. And then the game is repeated over and over again for the duration of the holiday as strangers feel compelled to comment on our sibling resemblance.

We recall with hilarity the many times in the past twenty years when we were greeted in this way. One night, a young chap wandered, or staggered up to us, raucously announcing, ” I think I’m seeing double, maybe I’ve had too much to drink, or are there really two of you?”

Our shoes, not the same colour!
Our shoes, not the same colour, just the same brand, size and style!

We are often mutually surprised, after an absence of many months, to find that we have arrived for an event or restaurant lunch wearing the same coloured clothes and accessories. We both wear a lot of black, being true Melbournians, and break this up with colourful extras. This, and our skin colouring and hair length, only adds to the confusion and fun.

Hats, scarves, reading glasses, jewellery, shoes. Totally weird!!
Hats, scarves, reading glasses, jewellery, shoes. Totally weird!!

We gathered some bits and pieces from our bedrooms for a little photo shoot and were amazed at what we had, quite separately, chosen to bring along for the winter holiday!