Tangled up in fish. Buddhist Monastery, West Java

Two well established Buddhist temples may be found in Cipanas, West Java. The one on the hill towards Gunung Gede is a beautiful place to visit in the morning, especially on Saturday when the giant candles are lit and vast metal vats filled with incense sticks spice the air. Here, a tangle of fish ( Koi Carp) greet the visitor near the entrance to the temple complex. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Travel Theme- Tangle at Where’s My Backpack this week.

Sunday Stills: Dangerous Things

I am walking along the narrow road towards the market at Cipanas, West Java, when a man catches my eye.

‘Come over here’, he beckons, ‘I have something to show you’.

I move closer as he reveals the secret of his box.  A large snake slowly winds itself around the man’s arm. I stay long enough to notice the strong resemblance between the man and his pet, then quickly move on.


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