Minimalist Seascape, Sanur. Bali

Minimalism at Sanur, Bali
Minimalism at Sanur, Bali

I am hypnotised by these two Balinese platforms perched on a manmade rocky island in the sea. Sometimes a lone soul practices yoga at dawn: on weekends family groups gather to picnic and swim. They are only accessible when the tide is out, or of course, you can swim.

The Weekly Photo Challenge/Minimalism.


Sunday Stills: Alcohol. Sanur, Bali

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEd, from Sunday Stills, has nominated Alcohol as the photographic challenge of the week. Although I am not usually partial to beer, I enjoy an icy cold Bintang Beer when staying in Bali.

Walking around the back streets of Sanur, these red Bintang boxes caught my eye.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Satu Bintang Besar, terima kasih.

( One large Bintang, please – a very handy phrase)

Timeless Bali

Frangipani blossoms drop silently from branches.

A black kite soars in the evening sky like a giant stingray in a waterless sea.

Scattered floral offerings decoratively litter the ground.

IMG_6086Gamelon sounds in the distance, precursor to another funeral.

Slender young women glide by, all lacy kebaya and sarong.

Dusk is too fleeting.


Bali girls Roosters crow before dawn and wander at will.

A magic lizard on the bathroom wall feigns  a new colour

Early morning, and the night’s fallen jewels are swept away.


Tempe and Tofu, long beans and coconut, sambal pedas

Tumbles of greens with peanut sauce,

Krupuk, Bintang and fruit shakes.


 I’m back in Bali again,

The gentle Bali of my dreams,

This time in Pemuteran.