I have spent a great deal of my life exploring all things Italian. It began with a long stint teaching Renaissance History, then my Italian travels began, which led to studies in Italian language, some translating and more teaching. My posts are sprinkled with Italian recipes, travels and other aspects of Italian life. When I stray from this theme, I post about travels in Asia, cooking, gardening, and sometimes, I just have a rant! Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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  1. Hi Francesca, my husband is Italian Brazilian, so I also consider myself almost Italian, well, maybe not… Anyway, we used to live in Melbourne, and I found your blog while looking for information about Melbourne, since we are coming down from Singapore for a holiday in a few weeks. Thanks for your pizza restaurant reviews, now we know where to go in Melbourne for pizzas.

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  2. I hope you have a fabulous time in Melbourne. It’s a great place to be in summer. My restaurant reviews to date only deal with everyday family style pizza spots. If you click on the link at the bottom of my last post, you will find a list of stylish places. There are some very good Italian restuarants, mostly in centro.


  3. Re Broken eggs is almost always caused by an egg eating chicken. When you find a broken egg, inspect your hens beak for signs of egg yolk – be brutal, send any egg eating hen to the soup pot.
    Good luck


  4. Thank you Francesca for your wonderful comments on my blog post about the south of Italy. i am so happy to discover your blog as well. I spend ten days in Siena and loved it. You were fortunate to be able to spend time there as a student. we share the passion for travel and Italia!

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  5. Hi Frencesca Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog as it led me to your world. Travelling is so addictive, glad you share that too.

    I hope you will visit me back.


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  6. Then we share the love for Italy…though I’m only a traveler and guest there. thank you so much for the follow – I’ll be back for more!


  7. Found your blog via the wordpress photo challenge ‘angular’ . I too love Italy having experienced it for the first time this year ( despite my grandparents being from Sicilly- you’d think I’d have been there earlier)

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  8. Hi Francesca, ciao e piacere di conoscerti. I’m wrinting you from Verona, another lovable Italian city. It is very nice to know that you contribute to spread good news about Italy, thank you. Antonio

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  9. Francesca…Thank you for the glorious photo of zuppa di minestrone. The square soup noodles are fantastic. I live in Florida and Italy (Praiano/Amalfi Coast). I adore all things Italian. Come for a visit when next you find yourself in Italia sud


  10. Hi Francesca – so nice that you came by my blog and that the first thing I saw when I opened yours was that gorgeous cake recipe – perfect for the weather we’re having. Lovely to make contact with another Melbourne based Italia-phile!


  11. Hi, my husband is originally from Ecuador but his dad was from near Voghera in Lombardy. Mario speaks fluent Italian and loves all things Italian. We have travelled there before (twice for me, thrice for him). One of our grandsons was born in Italy. Several years later two of our daughters and their husbands and children were stationed in Napoli and took advantage of their location to make the acquaintance of their northern family and other European places.

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  12. Nice to meet you. I was searching for posts of Hue, Vietnam and then reached out to yours. May we talk via email as I have some questions regarding the blog please?
    Thank you so much and have a nice day!


    1. Welcome and so pleased that we have so many interests in common. I’ve just returned from a 5 month European trip. Hope to find my cooking mojo soon, but in the mean time, there will be lost more about Italian art.


  13. Hi, I have been following you since finding a recipe on your blog that interested me. Yes, been a weird year staying home rather than going to Italy as usual, but it has been lovely to see a whole winter here in north central Victoria. Where in Victoria are you located?

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    1. I’m located in St Andrews which is around 50 kms from the city. We have 20 acres and attempt to grow most of our food. The blog has been going since 2013. We also travel for three months in winter and although we missed it, I am happy to stay home now. Thanks for following Christine.


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