Is Your Mother Sweet or Savoury?

Mothers’s Day, La Festa Della Madre, always presents a few dilemmas. To celebrate or not, to give gifts or not. The commercialisation of the day is viewed with suspicion in my family, however for grandmothers and great -grandmothers, this day often has more significance. In the past, we’ve enjoyed small family gatherings with my mother, often in the dining room of the Lomond Hotel. A table for nine, set with white linen and fresh flowers, free bubbles for the ladies, followed by a simple three course meal, it was an easier way to get together than at Christmas. My mother always gave small gifts to her three daughters on this day, recognising that we are all mothers. This year, as my mother is in residential care, visits are not yet permitted. The facility management is adhering to very strict guidelines and has partially opened up: one designated family member may visit her once a week. To err on the side of caution makes sense, given that the elderly are so susceptible to the devastating effects of this plague. And as for my immediate family, none of us are planning to break the gathering rules. I’ll miss her today, but she does enjoy a long phone chat.

Crostata di albicocche

My biggest dilemma today is this- sweet versus savoury for Mother’s day? I’ve gone with both. For my daughter, a mother of three daughters and two leggy whippets, a crostata filled with apricot jam, Crostata di Albicocche, and for my caring son, a sourdough Panmarino bread filled with baked garlic and fresh rosemary. 

Panmarino sourdough with baked garlic. A small blowout in the centre of the salty crown. Sourdough, like life, is rarely perfect. ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember.’

When it comes to sweet versus savoury, I think I’d choose the garlic- laced bread. I may need to steal a slice or two of that loaf. How would you choose, dear reader? 



18 thoughts on “Is Your Mother Sweet or Savoury?”

  1. What a beautiful photo of your Mother – may she have a peaceful and healthy day amongst this tragedy. My Mom departed this earth some two decades back . . . sadly we were not close, but the taste for her and me would have been ‘savoury’ for sure ! Adored the Grandmother I knew to bits . . . every time I managed to get a childhood illness she would kill a pig pronto and have the farm truck at our gate five hours north with black puddings and pig blood pancake mixture to bake within hours . . . who on earth needed something from a chemist . . . ? Be healthy, be well . . . love . . .

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    1. What a great memory. Yes, grandmothers knew all the tricks. I’m wondering whether to drive to Mum’s place and wave at her through the window, but it’s a 3 hour return journey. I guess it will be the phonecall.


  2. I will have to call it a draw. Both of your gifts sound delicious! I have been invited to lunch on my parents back porch tomorrow. I can see and toast with them through the window! Buona festa della Mamma Francesca. Ciao, Cristina

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    1. Thanks Cristina. Have a wonderful Fest della Madre too …. I am so pleased to hear that Canadians are still taking the lockdown seriously, Unlike the scary pics I see of Milano’s streets these days.

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      1. Most of Italia is taking it seriously too. I know many people who are still afraid to leave the house even though it is allowed. just a few areas are being reckless. You would thinkMilano would be extra cautious though? Ciao, Cristina

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    1. Thank you kindly, Yes she is looking good, though struggles with crook legs. Perfect hearing, eyesight and sound mind, she keeps up with everything and has made friends in the ‘place’.


  3. Happy Mothers Day… I love your mother’s photograph and her thoughtfulness, giving gifts to her daughters… it is a day for all mothers, not only our own. I would opt for the savoury, although both look delicious. I baked lemon, berry yoghurt a cake for my MiL, who always opts for sweet. It was good, a keeper recipe, although next time I’ll reduce the cooking time as I thought the outside slightly dry…. can’t have been too bad though, the others turned up just before we left so we took ourselves off to the backyard but just prior to departure I briefly returned to the kitchen and noted there was only a skerrick remaining.

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  4. Those are both beautiful baked goods! I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day. So lucky to have your mother for so much of life.

    be well… mae at


  5. Hope you had a lovely Mothers day too, lovely to see your Mum and surrounded by beautiul flowers. I would have to have a slice of both savoury and sweet… who could resist 🙂


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