L’arte sa nuotare

I’m reblogging this recent article written by my friend Cristina on her blog, Un po’ di pepe. If you haven’t been to Firenze lately, you wouldn’t have noticed these little art references dotted around the city on sportelli di gas e di luce– the metallic doors of gas and electrical panels. Cristina and her niece must have walked the whole of Florence to find all these Blubi. What do you think of these dear reader?

Un po' di pepe

Putto Raffaello Firenze street art BlubL’arte sa Nuotare -art knows how to swim- is a project by Italian street artist Blub (Bloob).  Anyone who has been to Firenze in the last few years has likely seen Blub’s work plastered onto the city’s sportelli di gas e di luce- the metallic doors of gas and electrical panels. Blub street art FirenzeI was recently in Firenze with my nipotina Isabella. We were constantly on the lookout for ‘Blubi’ (BLOO•bee).  It was like a scavenger hunt! We even spotted a few in Lucca, but none in Siena.  Blub street art Firenze Dante l'arte sa nuotareNo one has met mysterious street artist Blub.  All we know about Blub is that he…..or she….. is from Firenze and is a talented artist with a fun, quirky sense of humour.Blub street artist Firenze, the Creation of AdamBlub’s series “L’arte sa Nuotare’ takes famous works of art and gives them a new look, immersing them underwater, complete with blue background, snorkel masks and bollicine-bubbles! Blub street art La Dolce Vita Shannon Milar L'arte sa nuotare

More recent works…

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9 thoughts on “L’arte sa nuotare”

  1. I’ve been seeing these photos popping up across the net. Really nice.

    Some years back when I was in Firenze I saw street signs which had been modified very humorously. I don’t seem to have a backup of my phone from that time, so, unfortunately, no photos survived. I wish someone puts photos of that vintage out too.

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  2. Fantastic alterations of art works that everyone knows! Especially the snorkel mask for the guy with a notch in his nose.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


    1. It was Cristina’s lovely post ( Italo-Canadian) who writes great stories about her annual trips to Italy. She is worth following. I had to share it as I found those pics so quirky.


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