Sanur, Bali. Food to Nourish a Jaded Soul.

Sunday Greetings from Sanur, Bali. Today’s post is simply about food. No spiritual anecdotes, or canang sari, moody sunrises or colourful Balinese characters. Just a picture post tempting you with some earthly delights eaten under a shady umbrella in a simple warung by the sea.

The best grilled prawns ever. AU$6/ Warung Odah Oning, Pantai Semawang, Sanur, Bali

Cumi Pedas- a chilli hot stir fry of squid, peppers, and other vegetables. AU$6/ Warung Onah Oding.
Stuffed Lombok chilli. Jepun restaurant, Sanur. Bali. AU$4
Smoky sate lillit. Pounded fish, coconut and lemongrass sate with a mid curry. AU$8/ Jepun,Sanur.
Dadar Gulung. Served at the breakfast table. Palm Garden Sanur.
Salak- Snake fruit from Wayan’s farm in Sideman.

All photos taken on my Samsung 9+. Impressed with the performance of this phone camera, at least for food shots.

19 thoughts on “Sanur, Bali. Food to Nourish a Jaded Soul.”

  1. Lovely to have a sign of life from you . . . here’s hoping the soul is becoming less jaded by the day . . . I know much of the South Pacific quite well yet have never set sail for Bali – somehow time and again felt it had become too much of an Australian bedroom suburb. My error methinks . . . and you are teaching me otherwise . . . thank you ! Divorce at times taking some along unwanted financial paths I am smilingly thinking this Sunday noon: the airline fares over being as low . . . . hmm, and ‘my kind’ of food costing so little compared to Oz and cool beverages in tall glasses being obviously available, perchance next time I have a chance . . . 🙂 ! Have a good time and we don’t mind being a little green around the gills . . .

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    1. The Australian bedroom suburb turns French in August and Dutch in September The Russians have their month, the Chinese are the largest travelling group- all kinds of tourists come here, Most Australians stay in another area across the island. Not sure where the Chinese stay but they still tend to travel in groups and go to large gllitzy hotels and use their own drivers. Bali deservedly popular as a destination, and one I’m not inclined to disparage for that, given the friendliness of the locals, the depth of the Hindu culture and the simple pleasures of life- for me, now at this age, good fish with lots of vegetables, ease of doing long walks, massage, pedicures and manicures, and spiritual pastimes. The other thing is I can get here in 5 hours. This is crucial as I hate air travel and can only manage Europe in Business class. The locals now ask whether I live here- and so the time has come for me to find a semi permanent abode, somewhere I can call home for 3 months.
      For my single women friends, they love coming here because they feel safe, the food and accommodation is affordable for a solo traveller and the warmth cures aches and coughs in winter. There are very good Western trained doctors and hospitals should you need them. They usually come armed with kindles, novels, and all their electronic devises. Have I tempted you?

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      1. Fran – what a wonderful and useful morning read ! Thank you so much for having taken the time and I do hope you have helped other readers as well ! Yes, you have tempted me sufficiently to have put work aside to have interesting chats with Mr Google . . . Sanur seems to be the kind of area in Bali in which I could quietly recoup some of my own energies and the costs for what the photos show seem to be reasonable. And massages, manicures and pedicures, all of which I so enjoy, have not exactly featured greatly recently. Cheekily said, August just might be the month I would most enjoy 🙂 ! . . . . uhuh: love travel, hate flying, but what is the choice 🙂 ?

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