All Time Favourites

The weekly photographic word prompt by WordPress has been one of the highlights of my blogging week. Released every Wednesday, (Thursday morning for Australians), it has enabled me to sort through my travel photos, forcing me to edit some and discard others along the way.  Sadly, this lovely distraction is about to disappear as WordPress has announced that today’s prompt, All-Time Favourites, will be the last. I wonder why?

Seasonal produce

If you are an avid photographer, try to imagine choosing your favourite image? Or your favourite 5 images? I am sure many would feature family snaps that capture a happy memory, photos that you’re not inclined to share generally. Others might include beautiful travel photos, memories kept alive by regularly sorting through the digital shoe box.

Hong Kong noodle maker and window cleaner, 2017

This little research project could take days, so I’m randomly choosing a few nice pics to share, some that appeal to me, not because they show any photographic skill but simply because I like them. My selection today includes a few portraits, some Chinese themes, a basket of apples and some native flora. I’ll miss this weekly challenge.

Principessa Carlotta, Winter, 16
Way out West. Native Australian plants in winter.
Girl with peach. Summer 17

38 thoughts on “All Time Favourites”

  1. You are making me shed a few vey happy tears for you amongst the plebeian task of unpacking a month’s supermarket delivery! Two quiet unposed takes of the most important people in your life: perfect . . . . my favourite keepsakes: no matter how good or bad a photo perchance those memories of times when I remember being perfectly happy . . . . much rarer in number than most people surmise . . .

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    1. Thanks Eha, I don’t often show pics of my darlings. Portraiture is a lovely pastime and I try to capture an annual special shot of them. As they get older of course they begin to resist and make faces. I will miss this wordpress photographic challenge and will have to put my writing hat on again, which has been in hiding for a while.


  2. I think they set the challenge up for diminished interest when they changed days. Thursday never worked for me to contribute but it didn’t stop me enjoying the posts over the weekend. As always your pics are very special. The steamer baskets is my fave, I’m salivating at the thought of what goodies are within

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    1. I noticed that you stopped doing your Third Person Travel series when they changed days. Not that one needs a prompt to show a lovely photo or two, ( especially of India Sandra) but they help, and widen your contacts. I found more friends through that challenge. And I loved the fact that I never felt obliged to say very much.


  3. Hi Francesca, Lovely photos, the apples in the basket look great butIi do love the orange flowers. Have WordPress axed the Wordless Wednesday too? That could be an option. I did read the post where they said they were wrapping some things up. They did say they would be doing some new things – so we will just have to wait and see…. Hope all is good with you. Louise

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    1. Hi Louise, yes I hope they do some new things too. But then, I do have a backlog of stories that sit idly waiting to be finalised. I’ve been busy with family, my mother ( 95) and renovating…. hoping for some slower days one day! Hope you are well. Nepal again soon?


  4. All great images, but I love the lead photo of the Chinese steam baskets. It brings back so many street food memories for my travels in China. Many times we’d stoped at such stands for jiaozi and an occasional street stand I’d wish I hadn’t stopped at.

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    1. Thanks Ron, that first shot has a few fans among the travellers to China. The food was so tasty there, wouldn’t mind popping back to Sichuan provence one day.


  5. I have not heard of this WordPress prompt before…perhaps I have been under a rock? Gorgeous photos of those young ladies, who I am guessing are your granddaughters? There is just something about a basket of apples isn’t there?

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