Around Lake Como, a Pleasant Awakening.

I was pleasantly surprised by Lake Como, in particular by the many small and more remote villages that are dotted around the Lake. You could say it was an awakening of sorts. My misconception about the area may have been based on all the hype one reads about villas, palazzi, gardens, tourists, film stars and wedding events. Most tourists head to busy traps such as Bellagio ( happily mispronouncing it every time), Varenna, Menaggio or Como, paying scant attention to the other 15 or so small villages of Lake Como.

Painted Laglio

A stay in Laglio in late October proved so refreshingly devoid of tourists, I wondered if we had found Italian nirvana. The small village of 600 residents included two tiny alimentari with totally random opening hours, one osteria specialising in local lake fish and a small enoteca which opened after 4 pm. There are more businesses open in the high season. I could happily head back there tomorrow, especially in October, spending a month or so jumping on and off the small ferry that leaves from Carate Urio, a two kilometre walk down the road from Laglio. I am sure that every village would have one local trattoria or osteria open for lunch. The few that I did manage to visit provided me with exquisite food memories.

Lane ways in the older part near Laglio

One week in Laglio was simply not long enough. Below are some colourful images taken on walks around the village. The collage photos can be clicked on and opened separately.

Grazie mille Stuart and Linda for your lovely home in Laglio.

Pasticceria, old painted sign, Laglio

35 thoughts on “Around Lake Como, a Pleasant Awakening.”

  1. I love traveling through Italy via your post. Wishing to be able to make the journey myself, but in the meantime I’ll live the visit vicariously through your post.

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    1. It is a place I need to return to. I was a little disappointed in Bellagio- the food and the general ambiance tended to be geared towards the American tourist. Must get to Varenna.


  2. Lake Como is indeed very special. As a child I spent a great summer at Domaso. I really must return to the italian lakes. I spent also a great time more recently at the less well known Lago d’Iseo. All magical places where unspoilt corners can. as you discovered, still be found.

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    1. GREBE
      (LAGO D’ISEO)

      I pitch my tent by the lake shore,
      it is the close of day.
      The placid dipping of an oar:
      as boat slips into bay

      I dive in the limpid water;
      around dark mountains rise
      while the setting sun ignites a
      rose flame upon the skies.

      Mother grebe sinks under water
      her little frantic chicks
      swim about trying to find her.
      Is she up to her tricks?

      She surfaces and they spin round
      in dance of tufted joy.
      How could they think she might have drowned
      rising just like a buoy?

      I watch this game over again
      until my soup is cooked
      and, hungry, no longer remain
      yet still their game is brooked.

      The chicks’ meal is feather and fish;
      excellent digestive
      for difficult to swallow dish
      of trout: most refined sieve.

      Tucked in my downy sleeping bag,
      waves lapping me to sleep,
      into dreamland I slowly sag
      as grebes play on the deep.

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  3. Beautiful photos. I think I walked some of the steps you photographed! I also was hesitant about visiting lake como, in general, because all I knew was that George cloony had a house there, and I assumed it’s what attracted tourists. how wrong i was.

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    1. Unfortunately no, Liz as we stayed in a friend’s house. I would be looking at AirB&B, Home Away, and VRBO as well as the usual hotels etc. The houses we rented throughout France were mostly through Home Away, You should probably book now- September will still be quite busy. Have a fabulous holiday Liz.


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