Smiling, no Laughing in Galleries

I don’t know who started the game first, was it me or Mr Tranquillo, I can’t remember. Perhaps it’s something that everyone does after a few months of art gallery overload. Capturing amusing images of the painted baby Jesus in art became a pastime : trying to restrain one’s hilarity in those staid and respectable halls only added to the pleasure. The game began in the Groeningemuseum in Bruges and developed into a full on competition by the time we visited the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, which, by the way, has the best collection of bad babies by far. We spent five hours in this fabulous gallery: despite these rather odd representations of Madonna and child, the Gemäldegalerie holds the most stunning collection of European art from the 13th to 19th centuries and is well worth a visit.

Bad baby no 1.
Bad baby and mother, double points
Baby as ET, mother not amused.
Hello Mum, hand over that purse.
Waving to my fans.
Old baby old man, Bruges.

I’m sure Mr T captured far more images than I did.

For Smile

24 thoughts on “Smiling, no Laughing in Galleries”

  1. How very icon-o-bombastic! They are hilarious. Although I’m socially forced to agree with contemporary mothers that their newborn is just beautiful, when in reality it’s not far removed by your images.

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  2. Dare say one is supposed to smile in a gentile way at this: well, my coffee cup has almost been upended scrolling 🙂 ! These days I may stray more towards the Buddhist ways . . . . but the artists exhibited at this section of the Gemäldegalerie should have been shot and quartered! And, Peter, my two were gorgeous-looking from the moment they left mother also 🙂 !!

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  3. “Waving to my fans” gets my vote. All the babies are fun to look at and it must have been divine to see the paintings in person. If we ever make it back over to Berlin, the Gemäldegalerie is a must stop. Thanks for making me smile!

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  4. The priest with the magnifying glass (last) gets my vote. Oh surely they were comedians of the day. Some people would have been thrown out laughing.


  5. Thanks, I nearly spurted wine out my nose when I snort laughed then! These are spectacular indeed. Every week my son-in law-posts a pic of himself superimposed over some famous or bizarre person and these look a lot like some of them. Might have to send him some for inspiration. I vote for the man boobs baby, the first one not the last.

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    1. Snorting wine up your nose is the way to go when looking at these babies. I think your son could do a fine job with these…. or he coule be that bull faces man in the last pic looking at the ugly baby, or maybe he could go for a head paste on one of the Madonnas? Man boob baby was soooo strange.

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