Black Angels of the Morning

Sunrise over the bay does not trumpet the day in loudly. The morning glows blue on blue as the world of sea and sky blends into the distance. Last night’s lights still wink from a distant shore. No sea engine mars the tranquility of this ancient lagoon. But listen carefully and you can hear the soft contented cooing of black swans as they feed on sea grass in the shallows, their prehistoric heads bending and diving for breakfast.

For rise/set photographic prompt, WordPress.

20 thoughts on “Black Angels of the Morning”

  1. Incredible other-wordly light . . . beautiful photos to file and keep . . . but I don’t know about calling them angels 🙂 ! As a tiny tyke up in Northern Europe swans were my very favourite living creatures and we had them everywhere. Always wanting to feed animals I had Daddy walk me to lakes where they were domiciled with a big bag of bread. Well, swans out of water are probably the nastiest critters around: they’d drop the bread and come snapping and screaming after my little running legs every time . . . soon learnt my lesson . . . 🙂 !!

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    1. Swans are keen to chase people when they’ve been fed bread and get dependent on handouts, or when they are protecting their young- hisssssssssss. These black ballerinas in the bay are wild and have little to do with people though occasionally a dog walker along the beach lets their dear little pooch off the lead and they run into the water and chase the black angels away, one hundred at a tie take flight. Their are rules about leashes but some just choose to ignore them, thinking their dog is a little harmless angel.
      The title is a word play on that song- angels of the morning-

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