I’d Rather be Travelling

Today, I’d rather be travelling, anticipating another day of surprise and wonder, hearing the world in another language, pondering the beauty of architecture or the evolution of a city, wandering down lanes at random and getting lost, buying cheese at a weekly village market then picnicking by a river, walking and walking and never tiring, taking a ferry on a lake, a train through a tunnel or a tram across a city, driving over a vertiginous bridge, ordering a lunch, a dinner or a wine. It hasn’t taken long for my wanderlust to return. Below are views of Menton, a large sprawling town on the border of France and Italy. It is a place where you can hear French and Italian spoken at the same table, inspiring a drive in either direction, the French Riviera one way, or Northern Italy the other.

Colours of Menton

67 thoughts on “I’d Rather be Travelling”

  1. I’ve just read the quote “life is a predicament, not a journey” – seems your longing to go on a journey throws up a delightful predicament – where to next! I love your thoughts of hearing “hearing the world in another language”.

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  2. Well, it’s nearly the dry season up north – so get going soon: but please, please take us along! I’ve only been to around Cairns and that was a long time ago . . . . remember spending my time in the wonderful art galleries open then and buying up some still beloved aboriginal and PNG art . . . .

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    1. I’m off to stay with Peter at his Blissful B&B, in the tropical rainforest near Mission Beach. He has witnessed severe flooding over the last few weeks, with the nearby river rising 4.5 metres. Will be happy to go in the dry. I’ll report back…


  3. Beautiful, evocative photos. I’m so happy being at home at the moment, now that the weather is cooled, that I’m having trouble making myself research the places on our itinerary later in the year…

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  4. Ah, I have itchy feet too, it’s been way too long since we left these sunny shores. We’ve been nursing our elderly beloved pooch through one thing after another. Just when we think it’s time, he bounces back. Our freedom will be a heartbreaking blessing.

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  5. Beautiful. And it’s not even Italy. 😉 When passing by in 1991, I went on and on to my travelling companions that we must stop in Menton because it’s lovely and then we didn’t. I knew it! (Watch this space, I will link to you from my next post in which there will be a door just for you.) 🙂

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  6. The colours are so wonderful! This looks like a beautiful place to visit, I can’t wait to see where you go next! 🙂

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  7. A lovely post and as a fellow lover of all things Italian I very much like your site name! I am a Life Coach and also have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a tram driver in Switzerland in case you have time to look? Have also included the link to my coaching website in case you are interested in seeing this too.

    Sunny greetings from Switzerland,

    Sam 🙂




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