Loch Coruisk, Skye. Out of this World

We always turn on Radio Gael when driving around the Isle of Skye. The soft sounds of Gaelic tug at ancient language memory while the music sets the mood for a trip through this savagely beautiful land. Can I hear shades of my Irish great aunts or my Scottish mother in law’s mother talking to me through these mists? Can music evoke melancholy and joy simultaneously? Will my grandchildren recognise these sounds or connect to these places in the same way? I rake over the same old thoughts when travelling through these Celtic lands.

Arriving at Elgol

We follow the single track to Elgol: it’s narrow, meandering and at times slightly threatening and takes you through the dark, alarming mountains that rise nearby, the Black Cuillins. Two small tourist boats await at the end of the road- the only way to visit Loch Coruisk. The boat trip, although a bit primitive, is worth it. The photos below take in some of the sights along the way. So close to Skye and the Scottish Highlands yet out of this world.

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The link to Radio Gael’s music programmes. A gentle cure for insomnia. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09171kk

14 thoughts on “Loch Coruisk, Skye. Out of this World”

  1. You have taken me ‘elsewhere’ this pedestrian morning at home . . . I look at your use of adjectives: ‘savage’, ‘melancholy’, ‘threatening’, ‘dark’, ‘alarming’ . . . you have managed, for a few moments at least, to take me ‘out of this world’ . . . and make me want even more than before to take that boat to Skye . . . thank you for the magical photos . . .

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    1. Those places are so foreign to those of us who are used to the big brightness of Southern lands. I often wonder if it’s the Scottish landscape that scares me or the ancestors I hear. It’s that kind of place and probably evokes ancient memory in many visitors. Thanks Eha for coming along once again.


  2. Setting here with a Siberian cold front raging, then opening your post and seeing the beautiful Isle of Skye images has warmed my spirit this day. Thanks Francesca.

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