The Pantheon Revisited. Rome

I flinch when I hear that commonly asked question, “what was the highlight of your trip?” I never have a ready answer, (a) because I cannot honestly choose one favourite and (b) because I know it’s a trick question, designed to protect the enquirer from a long-winded monologue, the equivalent of the tedious slide night of old.

And so when asked to share the most meaningful photo of 2017, I drew a blank. There are too many, ranging from beautiful shots of the young children in my life, their skin glowing with health, thousands of travel snaps taken throughout a recent five month journey, photos of my handmade sourdough bread- flour, water and salt- which always surprises me, pictures of friendly visitors, the bright red and green King Parrots, and more. None of these photos are particularly meaningful though many are quite special.

I’ve been looking at my Roman photos recently and remember the day we came upon the Pantheon after walking around randomly one afternoon last month. It was a cold day, and I certainly had no intention of revisiting that famous site. But there it loomed, that famous temple to every God insisting that we enter once again. That’s the problem with Rome. It’s hard to get much done as there are just too many distractions. Revisits offer new insights. Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon’s dome remains the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. The height to the oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same, 43 metres ( 142 feet). It always amazes.

Snaps from the inside of the dome, edited just for fun, while I’m working on my answer to that question.

28 thoughts on “The Pantheon Revisited. Rome”

  1. It is indeed a special place…and that special question made me laugh. I think I’m guilty of asking that myself, usually of people who don’t seem to want to talk about their travels, tho. I did sit through a particularly unfulfilling ipad slide show recently that went on… and on, so I’ve done my due diligence for a while! Enjoy your family time, Francesca. x

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    1. Yes, ipad slide shows may well be more tedious than the older versions. I’ve sat through a few in my time and am happy when released. Anyway, I get to exercise my right to verbal diarrhea in my blog: if people are bored they can just look at the pictures, or not read it at all and I can’t be offended. I am more confident as a writer than a speaker I guess. Thanks Ardys, you too, enjoy your time with your daughter- a special time indeed.

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  2. A difficult question…and I try to avoid it. It is impossible to give an answer. The Pantheon is always awesome, and I think all of us who have visited it, will for ever remember the first time. Happy Holidays with your family!

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  3. Hi Francesca, Maybe you could answer the question with a region….I have to catch up with your trip… I think got as far a Bali and then lost the plot my end. Looking forward to back tracking on your posts on those January hot days when it’s too hot to go out… Louise


    1. Louise, I was just thinking about you 5 minutes ago- how weird. I just made an elabourate version of Dhal Bat and a good Raita – or dahi( as only you know) – and then I thought of you and your amazing trekking trips in Nepal. Happy Christmas Louise. I think I have a couple of yours to catch up with too. xx

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  4. I go to the Pantheon every time I visit Rome. I wandered in behind an American tourist one day who loudly complained that he thought it would be bigger. I wonder how big he wanted it to be.
    I find it absolutely incredible that it still stands after 2,000 years.

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    1. That comment says a lot. I was asked by an American tourist how deep Lake Come was- when I replied it was about 400 metres deep, her comment was that ‘we have feet so how deep would that be’ !!!!!There are some wonderful American people but the tourists give that nation such a bad name.


  5. Ha! I had the same feeling. How can you present just one image from a wonderful trip? Although, I admit that the Pantheon is very special. The first time I saw it, I stood still for ages just looking up. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  6. Absolutely agree, they cloak it in various terms, …top highlight, ….best 3 & worst 3 things, any limiting, boundary forming, strategy that they can think of. In all reality we couldn’t express it and they wouldn’t understand it anyway. Isn’t the Pantheon simply amazing. I will miss it being free because I sometimes go in several times a day for a deep breath.


    1. Yes true, totally limiting- suggesting they do not really want to hear about your journey at all, which is fine. But the Pantheon is still free and you can just pop in and out. Short visits at odd time are the best.


  7. Bellissima foto! The Pantheon is simply amazing. I visit every year when I am in Roma, and every time I walk in, I have the same reaction Michelangelo did the first time he walked in 500 years ago. He looked up and said ‘this must be the work of angels, not of men’ or something to that effect. I heard they were going to start charging 3 Euro admission this month, although in November the guard said it was not confirmed yet. Che peccata! Buon Anno, Cristina

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