Glowing in Cassis, Provence

The light on Provence is quite different to that of other parts of France. Warmer, stronger and harsher, everything seems to glow. Scenes from Cassis by the sea. Today I’ll let my pictures to the talking.

Glowing sea
Morning Cafe au lait. Young men arrive, and pop in to double kiss their mates, such a lovely sight to see. Smoking is still popular in France, the familiar glow. Photo taken at the Bar de Port, Cassis.
The reflections of boat masts in the water seem to glow.
Back lane scenes.
More back lane scenes, Casssis

21 thoughts on “Glowing in Cassis, Provence”

  1. In just five photos you have said it all. No superfluous words needed. We’re there with you. Don’t remember when I last smoked a cigarette: a Gitane would do nicely at the moment . . .


    1. Yes, definitely a Gitane, though even the thought of one now makes me ill. Still, love that bar and felt at home there. Been partying too hard in this place so have no words! Glad the pics are doing the job.

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  2. It’s said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and your images do just that. Thanks for the lovely peak at Cassis. Never was much for cigs, but sure miss my pipe.

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