Absinthe Bars of Prague

Absinthe bars are extremely common in Prague. I was drawn to these windows for their play on the myths and legends associated with this strong herbal based spirit. I really wanted to hang out late at night, to perch a sugar cube on top of a silver spoon and watch the ice-cold water drip onto the Absinthe, to don a Bohemian beret and talk to the ghosts of writers past, but my drinking companion, Mr Sensible T, showed no interest in la fée verte. Now I have these pictures of Absinthe Bars with no story to tell at all. 

8 thoughts on “Absinthe Bars of Prague”

  1. I like the way you pulled us back farther and farther until we could see the entire picture. Love the colors. When last in France, we visited a distillery that makes absinthe, among other things. Haven’t done a post on it yet, but it will show up eventually. Lovely shots.


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  2. Oh dear! Oh dear! And reading the heading I believed that the delight of trying various vodkas in Krakow would lead to excitingly expressive existentialist thoughts after a glass or two of absinthe! [Horrid tasting stuff that it is 🙂 !]

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