Aberystwyth. Quaint Coastal Welsh Town.

It took me a while to get my tongue around the pronunciation of this lovely old fashioned seaside town in Wales. Aberystwyth. I’m still not sure that I’ve got the rhythm right. With each new road sign announcing a town, river or place, we tried to pronounce Welsh, and ended up tongue-tied and in awe of this Celtic language that has survived so well in this corner of English speaking Britain. Do the Welsh play scrabble and how much are the vowels worth?

Aberystwyth, Wales
Aberystwyth, Wales

47 thoughts on “Aberystwyth. Quaint Coastal Welsh Town.”

    1. The vowels are worth 1 point each , as in other languages. It’s popular with Welsh learners, but perhaps it hasn’t really caught on with 1st language speakers. Siop y Pethe might have a set on sale

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        1. 1 point letters are not rare ones and vowels are not rare in Welsh! Welsh has 7 vowels, aeiouw&y. The ‘A’ in the Guardians picture has a diaeresis, so it’s not a Welsh scrabble letter

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      1. I only know the basics but I can help pronounce things etc and say basic phrases. se preferisci possiamo parlare anche in italiano. The Welsh people love their language even though for most of them it is a second language.

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  1. I love this. Very creative. Scrabble? That’s something to ponder. I think I might supplest a stroll to that beautiful seaside to a Welch friend. Enjoy your day, Francesca.


            1. Well, I received it fine on a Sat morning in Australia. Hugely enjoyable – the funny thing to my ear is that in spite of how words are spelled I can hear plenty of vowel sounds: a musical language for certain 🙂 !!

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  2. Sadly have never made it to Wales tho’ everything about it is so attractive to me . . . especially the talents of the natives for choral singing. Have looked up the pronunciation a few times and laughed reading the scrabble link! Must try again . . . Welsh is the language of consonants and my native Estonian one of vowels . . . no x, y, z, q, c, w and a few others but lots of extra vowels with dots and wavy lines above which people in the rest of Europe also find difficult . . . so for me this is a huge ‘giggle’. Any more Welsh photos, Francesca ?

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    1. Wales is more rural and wild than England, and I Ioved our three days here, just a taster for the future. I’ve had a few people comment that Welsh scrabble exists, and the letter ‘a’ is worth about 6 points. We had fun making up pronunciation along the way. Mouthfuls of sound. Yes, more welsh photos coming Eha.

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