Hong Kong at Ground Level.

Most images of Hong Kong feature walls of skyscrapers marching up the hills from the shoreline. Meanwhile at ground level, Hong Kong is delightfully old-fashioned and quaint. During our recent visit, we took to the trams to get from Sheung Wan to Central before continuing on foot up staircases and escalators,stumbling across little back lanes, tea shops and temples along the way. The trams saved the day and our legs. All double deckered, narrow, and some quite ancient, they are one of the most environmentally friendly ways of travelling about, all for HK$2.30/AU.37 cents a ticket, an amazing bargain. You enter the tram from the rear and exit at the front, whilst depositing your coins in a little box near the driver. Some were covered in words and advertising, others were left plain and painted dark green. 

15 thoughts on “Hong Kong at Ground Level.”

  1. Oh my – definitely remember the trams less sleek and fashionable! And somehow feel that Honkers still does differ from the rest of China . . . . well, I have not been to glossy Shanghai or big-city Beijing!!

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  2. Yes, old-fashioned places of Hong Kong are the best! I hate advertising in general but I love advertisements on Hong Kong’s trams, because of how the graphics interact with the shapes of the windows and doors, it is so fun! I am a fan of trams in Hong Kong! I think that Sheung Wan has got interesting landscape architecture, it is so different from many places on earth! And there’re lots of fabulous eateries in Sheung Wan.

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