Wats of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai. Dawn’s aura breaks through the rain laden night clouds, illuminating golden finials along the sky line. Curlicues in the shape of birds or nagas reach into the sky in every direction, reminding me that I have not yet visited every Wat in Chiang Mai’s old walled city. There will always be more to surprise me.

Golden finials on Wats, this one on the shape of a Naga.
Decoration is elabourate, sometimes kitsch.
New Wats or temples are often built in the grounds of an ancient Chedi or Stupa.

Wat Suan Dok, with its hypnotic white temples, outside the old walls.

For The Daily Post’s photographic challenge, Textures.

25 thoughts on “Wats of Chiang Mai”

        1. Wat the…! Oh dear, this hardly goes with my Buddhist approach to life but it had to be added. Another 10 circuits for me around the big chedi today, right thought, right speech: beats hail marys.


  1. Beautiful Lady: tales of yours laid out like this cannot be found in any ‘guide book’ ! Love the ‘invitation’ and the photos . . . . methinks have to go back to Wat Suan Dok . . . thanks once again . . . .

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    1. I might be heading back to Wat Suan Dok today. Just inside the temple grounds is the most divine restaurant, Pun Pun. I caught a songthaew out here the other day, only to be greeted with the ‘Sorry, Closed till august 4th’. The white wats were the reward.


  2. This city is a feast for the eyes. Sometimes I feel the US lacks in rich architecture and culture, but perhaps I just live in the wrong part of the US?

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    1. If you go Fiona, stay inside the wall. It was a bit busy this month ( Eurpean season) so I would choose another time. Also avoid the hottest month, whatever that one is. We stayed this time in Hotel 99, a gogreous lace with a great breakfast, but the nearby restaurants weren’t so good. I still like the location of the ‘3 Sis’ hotel’. If you go next year Fiona, let me know….


  3. Honestly, I just saw the finial tag and had to check it out. I just learned the word AND I’m in Thailand to boot. Perfect timing.

    Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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