Focus in Hội An, Vietnam

In the cooler hours of the morning, before the tourists take over the yellow streets of Hội Anlocal couples dressed in traditional costumes arrive for a photo shoot. Weddings, anniversaries, engagements or portraits, many couples choose the less commercial end of Nguyễn Thái Học street for its colourful and historic built background. No one seems to mind my presence alongside or behind the professional photographer, though with my simple lens, the glare makes it hard to focus.

Morning glare in Hội An.

The old town near the Hội An’s historic district, is recognised as an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to 19th century. Chinese and Japanese influences can be seen in the shop fronts, houses and old businesses in the streets closest to the wharf. It is a city requiring a leisurely week or more of you wish to fathom its charms.

Another beautiful Vietnamese couple line up against the yellow walls of Hội An for their portrait.

Women often choose to wear the áo dài, the Vietnamese national costume, for these portraits.

Other portraits taken in Hội An, Vietnam, can be viewed here and here.

22 thoughts on “Focus in Hội An, Vietnam”

  1. Once again Francesca your images capture a thousand words. For us of those who have had the pleasure of strolling the streets of rural Vietnam and experienced its beauty, serenity and happy, happy people – it shows the resilience of their people who have had such atrocities brought against them. May they forever have peace in their rightful country.

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  2. *an irreverent smile* Perchance, thank God, in some ways we all are the same! Here: a quite formal and very beautiful bride with a guy who could not try to be more nonchalant and ‘modern’ 😉 !

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