Make it Rain: Bagan, Myanmar

I love it when it rains somewhere in Asia. It’s hot and humid and the sudden downpours are refreshing. They don’t usually last too long. When it rains in Bangkok, I like to duck into my favourite Chinese -Thai dumpling shop and sip a cup of ginger and lemon tea while grappling with chop sticks over a bowl of slippery dumplings. By the time they are scoffed, the rain has passed.

Rainy day fun, Bagan, Myanmar

This love of a good passing storm did not prepare me for the frequent downpours during our travels through Myanmar. I spent more time than usual meditating in golden pagodas due to heavy rain. On this occasion, we were tucked inside a restaurant in Bagan, watching the young lads outside having a ball.

Rainy day in Bagan, Myanmar

And my favourite rain song? Ed Sheeran’s Make it Rain. I sing this song often during Australian summers. For Ailsa’s travel theme, rain, on Where’s My Backpack.

16 thoughts on “Make it Rain: Bagan, Myanmar”

  1. To readers following: click the Ed Sheeran on first and then enjoy the atmosphere of Francesca’s evocative photos! Have as yet to reach ‘the road to Mandalay where the flying fishes play’ but monsoonal downpours are greatly enjoyed this side of the keyboard also . . .

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    1. I love this kind of rain. Always works for me but then i spend at least three months a year somewhere in Asia and so have come to love it. ( except on temple tiled floors in bare feet- the hardest thing for me in the wet.)

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  2. Although the occasional downpour has arrived here, but when the proper monsoon time comes …..oh boy, will we all be so relieved. The heat is getting too much. I love rushing out onto a terrace and just “…. singing and dancing in the rain”.

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    1. Tropical downpours and a good thwack of thunder- what joy. Glad you also like a touch of Ed Sheeran. We will be joining in the internet throng today to grab some seats for his concert next March in Melbourne.


  3. The joy of relief brought by the rain is something to celebrate, although I’m becoming familiar with the detrimental affect it has on the humidity. Great pics of the kids playing in the rain Francesca.

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  4. It’s such a joy to see the child in us all enjoying the tropical rains. When we drove from WA to relocate to FNQ (6500 kms) we hadn’t experienced a real downpour in over a decade. As we pulled up in Tully (recorded as being the wettest town in Australia) true to it’s reputation we jumped out of the car and danced in the street getting absolutely saturated – the locals thought we were nuts and came running from the shops with erect umbrellas thrusting them at us. We just danced around them laughing and splashing about in the instant puddles. What joy! We should all get in touch with the child within – it’s fun!

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