Woman with Peaches, Dali, Yunnan

Yunnan province in China has the largest population of minorities with 25 different ethnic minorities, 16 of which are indigenous to that area. Wandering around the town of Dali, you will recognise many different ethnic groups largely by their dress, traditional customs, cultures and language. The town is a awash with colour and makes an exotic first stop after leaving the capital, Kunming.

Here a Shaxi woman arranges her peaches for sale on market day.

For this week’s WordPress Photo prompt, Heritage.

17 thoughts on “Woman with Peaches, Dali, Yunnan”

  1. We are just starting to get peaches here in sunny FL. The ones I wait for (and they are only out for 2 weeks!) are donut peaches. Kind of flat, round little peaches but oh so sweet! I agree with Debi–beautiful, brilliant color photo, Francesca.


  2. In a word ‘wonderful’. Reminds me of a photo I took of a man squating, shelling walnuts in the middle of the market in Damascus. Full dress suit, shiny leather shoes and keffiyeh scarf.


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