Back Street Wanderlust

Melbourne’s secret lanes, inner suburban streets, Victorian historic precincts and 19th century abandoned factories and warehouses have turned from grunge to gentry. Colourful street art provides a changing landscape; painted facades give life to the severe modern apartment blocks tucked behind. Good graffiti is embraced. Railway bike paths open up a whole new world to the backstreet artist and walker.

Grace Cafe, Rose Street Fitzroy

The best way to enjoy Melbourne is to wander. The tram network services all inner suburban areas. Leave the car at home, take the tram then stroll. These images were taken recently along Rose Street, Fitzroy, close to the city. Catch the tram along Nicholson street and disembark at Rose Street. Start walking, and do not get distracted at the Brunswick Street intersection.

Car Park, Rose Street Fitzroy.

The following collage can be viewed as a media file. Open one picture below and the journey down Rose street will follow.

14 thoughts on “Back Street Wanderlust”

  1. Brilliant! The photos of Melbourne’s changing cityscape so remind me for how long I have not visited your fair town. Way back used to fly down at least once a week for business meetings and to partake of Melbourne’s far superior to Sydney food scene at unbelievably long tax-free lunches [well, at least I am honest 🙂 !]. The wanderlust is alive . . . plans have to be made . . . thanks for the nudge!!

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  2. We are sitting in a laundromat just around the corner from Flinders Lane doing our washing. We travelled the Great Ocean Rd and will leave Melb on Saturday to drive East toward Canberra and Sydney. We took our visitors to Hosier Ln and Movida last eve. Your photos are gorgeous. xx

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  3. I’m struggling with Thurs photo challenges, Sat am was a much better deal for me. The vibrant inner city areas are a great feature of Melbourne and most of the good stuff requires local knowledge or an adventurous spirit. Thanks for the peek at how Rose st is fairing

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  4. Don’t you think that this street art is so much more interesting than the mindless tagging that appears in so many places? I love the way it creates a vibrant streetscape.


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