Catering for a Celtic Birthday Party

I was tempted to call this post,”Let the Winds Blow High”, as most of the ‘lads’ were keen to get kilted up for the Celtic birthday party.  Prior to the event, there was much talk about free- balling it, always a wonderful tease for the ladies. Sadly these were vain threats, tales “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. There were no Bravehearts on the day.

Getting kilted up.
Getting kilted up. Promises, Promises!

The anticipation of a themed party is as much fun as the event itself. The opportunity shops ( charity shops) were thoroughly scoured in the weeks leading up to the party, in search of kilts, tartan cloth, scarves and rugs, green clothing, Celtic knotted jewellery, Scottish bonnets and hats, and anything quirkily Celtic. It’s amazing what you can find. I wanted to come as Grace O’Malley ( Gráinne Ní Mháille ),¹ my Irish heroine, or wear a T-shirt printed with the label, “If lost, return to Jamie Fraser”, but the latter, with its Outlander reference, would have been lost on all the other party goers.

Irish Yoga
Irish Yoga T- shirt.

Our Celtic party happily coincided with the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s Day so the local $2 shops provided green kitsch galore. Online shops are a great source for Scottish flags and hanging four leaf clover strings. And red wigs were popular too.

Lassie draped in Scottish flag

Decor and dress ups were the easy part of the theme. The finger food proved far more difficult, especially given the balmy afternoon, the lack of good cooking facilities, and the general preference for Celtic style drinking on the day. I had planned to cook up some local Mt Martha mussels and stuff them with spinach, cheese and crumbs as my token nod to Brittany, but the day just disappeared. The Cornish Celts were represented with some mini Cornish pasties that I made before the event, based on this recipe. Other finger foods came in the form of sausage rolls and filled pastries. My sister whipped up some potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon, a fitting cross -Celtic food. Green coloured cocktails were popular, say no more!

Picture file below can be opened separately for a costume and decor guide to a Celtic themed party.


27 thoughts on “Catering for a Celtic Birthday Party”

      1. (Sends virtual high five to like minded Outlander fan.) I don’t know! I borrowed the entire DVD first series from a friend last year and have been waiting ever since. Will let you know if I hear anything.


  1. Fabulous food & fun. Love the costumes. There’d be a few of us wearing Jamie tshirts, I think. Outlander is popular in our house, we watch online then buy the dvds as they are released, and I’m waiting, along with her myriad fzns, for DG’s next novel installment. FYI, there is an Outlander recipe book.

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    1. And there are also Outlander knitting sites, which, I must confess, I have visited. Fingerless gloves on the way.Haven’t read the novels though- just hanging for series 2 to appear on Netflix. How long must one wait?

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    1. No, I didn’t make the cake. I had purchased some green coloured food dye to ice a joint creative project. My DIL was planning to buy some circular sponges to make a four leaf clover, finished off with a stem made from a swiss roll, then iced green. The discussion about the planned cake turned so crude, we abandoned the plan, and someone had to go and buy that cake. Along with other cooking plans. The dress ups were, in the end, the highlight.


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