My Myanmar

How much do we hear about Myanmar these days? Or Italy, or anywhere else for that matter, other than the dominant news from the USA?  Since the demise of Berlusconi, we rarely hear about Italy, unless there’s an earthquake. National disasters, terrorist activities, real or imagined, and narcissistic world leaders with toxic tendencies tend to dominate our mainstream media. We are adrift in a polluted sea of fake news.

Buddhist temple, Myanmar
Buddhist temple under a stormy sky, Myanmar

Against all odds, in 2015, a peaceful election was held in Myanmar, enabling a remarkable transition from a military led dictatorship to an emerging democracy. There is still a long way to go, not that any one cares much, when the eyes of the world are so focussed on the golden-haired beast. I’d rather contemplate these golden temples.

My Myanmar, a thousand golden pagodas
My Myanmar, a thousand golden pagodas
More moody temples, Myanmar
More moody temples, Myanmar

For those who take part in the Wordpress weekly photo challenges, the prompts now occur on Wednesday. This week’s challenge is Against All Odds.

26 thoughts on “My Myanmar”

  1. My heart naturally wends its way to Myanmar [Burma] I have yet to visit in spite of the Nobel prize winning Aung San Suu Kyi, probably my lifetime ‘heroine’ in the world, after inconceivable long-term difficulties having some small importance. The Buddhist in me prays and hopes for one of the most beautiful countries in the world . . . and that I also shall be able to spend some time there . . .

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  2. Majestic architecture and I am reminder of that saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’ but I guess a great deal of gold leaf used on the temples. The message also understood. It took a while for Berlusconi to be ejected some how I think it will be just as long to evict Trump.

    PS Thanks for the Wednesday reminder of the Photo Challenge….will take a bit of getting used to

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