Repurposed Garden Art

Saturday WordPress photo challenges usually see me trawling through my travel files in search of a colourful response. This week’s challenge, Repurpose, drove me to the garden.

I couldn’t part with my old enamel teapots. They turn up in all sorts of places in the garden.

I am rather partial to junk: I’ve managed to successfully refurbish my home with other people’s discards. It’s in the garden that repurposing is most at home. I use old dog beds, stripped of their comfy covers then recovered with shade cloth, as protection for delicate new seedlings. Old worn out pool lounge chairs get the same treatment, their metal frames so handy in the vegetable garden. Black poly piping is bent into hoops, supported by found metal reo from building sites, creating frames for shade cloth or bird netting. Shabby looking clothes airers, long past their prime, become supports for cucumbers.

More jugs as garden art.

In one corner of my ornamental garden, found objects create a structure and backdrop for birds, succulents and herbs. Most of these objects, old teapots, vintage metal grape harvest bins, broken cups, beautiful colonial enamel ware jugs and a rusty metal chair, are survivors of the Black Saturday Bushfire.  My enamel jugs and teapots added a colonial air to my former home. Rusted and tarnished from fire and rain, they now live in peace in my garden.

My favourite colonial water pitcher.
My favourite colonial water pitcher.
Buddha lost the pointy top of his head. Now he is a rock collector and pool guard.
Buddha lost the pointy top of his head. Now he is a rock collector and pool guard.

41 thoughts on “Repurposed Garden Art”

  1. We have a bit of re-purposing going on in our garden too Signora. Two old concrete laundry tubs – remember those? My nonna had one – have all sorts of things growing in them. And on an old building barrier used in construction we have a huge crop of cucumbers!

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  2. I had to smile, Francesca – you seem to be just like a friend back in England – she too has the ‘knack’ of re-using other peoples junk to the greatest of success in her vegetable garden. I had no vegetable garden, but enjoyed going to little country auctions to ‘find’ little treasures for my flower/shrub garden. Btw, I do love that bird table picture with those two pretty feathered friends 🙂 🙂

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  3. Great use of those old enamel vessels. They are too lovely to throw away! Our garden here makes use of the old marble kitchen sink, stone laundry tubs and even a disused claw foot tub for growing containers. The same goes for my UK garden, only York Stone instead of marble!


  4. I’m hoplelessly sentimental so I love that you have found a place for your rescued treasures in your garden ♡
    Our garden is dotted with repurposed & other bit ‘n pieces. And, we’ve only just begun…
    The most sentimental is the G.O.’s great grandmother’s enamel under the bed pottie… when it developed a hole in the base my MiL logically repurposed it into a plant pot, but having no further use for it handed on to us last year.


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