Almost Italian’s Recipe Index

This is a short post to let you know, dear friends and readers, that I have finally organised a Recipe Index. It is a work in progress. You’ll find it on the home page on the left hand side under the bicycle picture.

Cheers and Buon anno a tutti, Francesca


31 thoughts on “Almost Italian’s Recipe Index”

  1. Being a relative newbie on your blog this index and the recipes which hide behind it will be used consistently I am certain! Wonderfully fast and easy! And, having looked at the bounty sent quite a few friends are going to receive this as a repost . . . . and that Finnish rye bread is calling out to me – have some starter in the fridge, perhaps can still resurrect that when the weather cools a bit . . .

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  2. This is wonderful! Goodness–this must have taken you quite a bit of time, but I really love how it is organized. Thanks, Francesca. I convert your measures so I can try your recipes–bread, cake and cookies! šŸ˜€ You know, the necessities of life.

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    1. Thanks. I only write about recipes I have tested, eaten, photographed and enjoyed. So yes, they are all tested. I try thousands of others that are never published here because the recipe wasn’t up to scratch or because I didn’t enjoy the dish, or because the light was too poor to photograph the result.

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