The Annual Window Display

Every year, as the days draw closer to Christmas, I anticipate a visit to the magnificent Queen Victoria Market, a food market situated close to the heart of Melbourne. And before stepping inside to join the busy throng, I usually stop at Ambiance, a little giftware shop near the market’s front entrance.  Ambiance adds glittery Christmas themes to their December display, but I am more interested in the arrangement of ostentatious Venetian masks. masksmask-1

Ambiance, 509 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Australia


22 thoughts on “The Annual Window Display”

  1. I will try and find it next time we are in Melbourne, though I know the Christmas display will not be there. We love going to markets and never miss Victoria Mkt when visiting Melbourne. My holiday table would collapse under the weight if I had all that choice! Lovely photos Francesca. I made your diabolical biscotti yesterday. I should have made a double batch. SO good. I do have to watch my intake of almonds (life is so cruel sometimes!) though, so probably just as well I didn’t. Have a great week.

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    1. That’s great news about the biscotti but also a little sad too. when I do a totally almond, and therefore GF, post, I always think ‘Oh Ardys might like these’/ Yes life is rather cruel. Now about to make another batch for the ‘export ‘ market.

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          1. Hazlenut meal is twice the price. I make all these almond things as the big Bas Store in Brunswick sells freshly ground almonds, they grind in the factory next door, for $15 a kilo. So a batch works out at around $3, plus a handful of extra bits…

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