National Parks of Australia. The Grampians

It’s not this time of the year without a trip to a National Park. This time we have chosen The Grampians National Park, Gariwerd, in the west of Victoria, 260 kms from Melbourne.

Kook Kook Kook Kook, laugh your merry laughter.

Cicadas crescendo in the thick of the bush. Clouds of white corellas screech and rise above. I was hoping to see Bunjil, the mighty wedgetail eagle that is at the heart of the indigenous legend of this beautiful park. Instead I met this cheeky Kookaburra who happily posed for me for an hour.

Close up of Kooka feathers.
Close up of Kooka’s feathers.

20 thoughts on “National Parks of Australia. The Grampians”

  1. What a treat to have Mr. Kookaburra modeling for you. Have to get back and have another look at the Grampions, our experience was many years ago now. Enjoy your time there Francesca.


  2. It seems the kookas have moved into a neighbourhood at the moment. They are start chattering at 3am but thankfully, at that time of the day, they are somewhat in the distance. I’ve never been to The Grampians but hope to one day.

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  3. My mum always said that when you heard the kookaburras it meant that rain was on the way. Living in Victoria where is rains a fair bit, this was right a fair bit of the time! The Grampians are a magical place.

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  4. Love the variety of birds that call Australia home, Francesca. Looking out one’s window to see cockatoo, for example, would thrill me no end. Never have been to Grampian. Maybe next time …

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