Nostalgia in Northern Thailand

The tiny town of Chiang Khan is built along the Mekong River in northern Thailand, facing Laos on the other side. In the last few years, the city has embraced its heritage: all the old teak shops are now being restored, with financial encouragement from the Thai government.

During the week, the town is quiet. Come Friday night, Thai tourists arrive from Bangkok hoping to stay in a restored teak hotel along the river or sip tea amidst a sea of retro antiques. It is this sense of nostalgia for the past and loss of old Thailand that draws them here.

View from a restored tea house. Drinks along the mighty Mekong river.
Another beautifully restored hotel.
Streetscape, Chiang Khan
Streetscape, Chiang Khan

More about Chiang Khan from a previous post.

11 thoughts on “Nostalgia in Northern Thailand”

  1. Fascinating things go on all around the world that we often never hear about. This place looks so idiosynchratic and interesting. Your previous post really stuck in my mind and this one is a nice excuse to revisit. Thank you Francesca.

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  2. I like your take on nostalgia. I’m finding it a very difficult concept to capture. Really looks like a wonderful place and I wish I could drop down into the restored teak hotel. The photo of the tea house on the Mekong was particularly evocative.

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    1. The whole town is wooden and wonderful. The view is slow, the old fans whirl, its hot and the food is good. The other thing is that not many tourists from outside Thailand go there. Even my Thai friend in Melbourne doesn’t know about Chiang Khan and his family live 200 ks down the road on the river. The secret is out.

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