A Quest for Fish. Jimbaran Fish Market, Bali

It’s a frenzied scene down along the shore in front of the Pasar Ikan (fish market) in Jimbaran. The confusion builds as more Jukung arrive at the water’s edge, like a maddening jigsaw puzzle or an animated Where’s Wally. It’s 7 am, the best time for fish markets. The morning glows with colour. The crowds are on a quest to buy the best catch of the day

Crowds gather at the Jimbaran Fish Market.
Crowds gather at the Jimbaran Fish Market.

Outside the market, brick paved walkways are crowded and awash with melting ice and hoses dousing down the day’s slippery catch. The hard bargains take place here as buyers from restaurants all over southern Bali arrive to haggle over the catch of the day. The fish that make it inside the building probably go to late comers or those too timid to strike a deal on the shore.

In front of the Pasar Ikan at Jimbaran. 7am
Late comers rush their catch to the market
Pasar Ikan. Jimbaran, Bali
A Buyer inspects some large Barracuda.
A buyer inspects some large Barracuda.
Ron loads his purchase on the back of his motorbike and heads off into the distance, probably back to Seminyak or Legian.
A happy buyer loads his five large barracuda onto the back of his motorbike and heads off into the distance, probably across to Seminyak or Legian.

23 thoughts on “A Quest for Fish. Jimbaran Fish Market, Bali”

    1. Haha, yes. Traffic lights are a rare thing in Bali’s busy traffic. The motorbikes seem to whizz through all the chaos on the busy roads , most of which are located in the areas of Seminyak and Legian- away from the lovely areas of Bali

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    1. There are many top restaurants in Seminyak,. There are great restaurants elsewhere too. As you probably have gathered from my previous posts, I don’t like Seminyak or the districts of that area.


        1. Seminyak is full of Western styled restaurants and hotels, tourists, shopping strips, western commerce ad so on. It is crowded because of the Western tourists who frequent the place. They don’t eat at Rumah Makan, but at flash Australian styled gourmet palaces and in hotels. Noisy mean here Chris.

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  1. Wherever we go in the world we always make sure to visit the local fish markets, my husband is a fisherman ! It’s always one of the highlights of any holiday, fish markets somehow make you feel as if you are seeing the real deal not just the tourist traps.


    1. Hi Susan, we are so alike in many of our tastes and preferences. I also feel this way about fish markets. And the first thing I do, even when visiting a new district or town in Australia, is to check out the local fish shop or market.


  2. “Fish frenzy” is right! I know me. I’d have to go a few times and watch the goings-on before I’d have the nerve to actually purchase something. It would take me another visit or two before I’d be brave enough to actually haggle over the price. Then again, a couple mediocre meals would definitely speed up my development.


    1. There’s a man up there who will cook a fresh market fish for you – in a little clean restaurant over the road- he grills a whole fish on coconut charcoal, brushed with Bumbu bali spices and served with salad and rice for less than 5 dollars. Miss fish pig discovered all the fishy tricks.


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