Bali Sunrise. The Edge of the Day

It is always worth getting up early in Bali to sense what Nehru meant when he called Bali ‘The Morning of the World.” The warm air feels tender at 5.30 am. The scene is still: there is no noise, no gamelan or motorbike sound. Perhaps a rooster crows somewhere in the distance. No one speaks. A few souls gather along the edge of the water, to meditate and reflect, or to wake slowly, to witness. The joggers and bike riders have not emerged yet. On good mornings, Mt Agung peeps out from the veil of clouds to the west.

Boats at dawn. Sanur, Bali
Guning Agung at dawn. Very rarely seen at any other time of the day.
Guning Agung, Sanur, Bali. Very rarely seen at any other time of the day.

33 thoughts on “Bali Sunrise. The Edge of the Day”

    1. Yes, sort of. But I think part of me is away. Struggling with cooking and mundane tasks, though great to see the family.
      You would be up early too, a light chaser. It is the best time of the day.


      1. I have come home before when I didn’t really want to be home. Why? I’m not sure. I can relate to what you are going through, a lot of life is hard to stay inspired about! Perhaps we don’t want to leave a life that is inspiring us to come home to the mundane tasks again. I’m about to go and chase some light now…. xx


  1. Perfection, there is nothing quite as magical as very early mornings, alone and at one with the world. I have travelled the world extensively and lived in three continents but I have never been to Bali, Singapore yes, India many times, Bali no, I am almost ashamed to say it.


    1. Travelling and experiencing dawn in foreign places is a special thing to do. India is wonderful at dawn too. I’ve only been there twice, but would like to return one day.


  2. Your words and photos ha e captured the stillness almost like a long moment between…
    And your comments to Ardys resonate. As we began heading down the west coast and the weather cooled, I had a sense of I’m not ready yet while at the same time anticipating picking up again things I enjoy about life at home… which speaks to both how much -although it’s been a huge learning curve- I’ve loved travelling, and the mixed bag that day-to-day life outside the office is… aspects of which I’m yet to fully acclimatise to.

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    1. ah, you’re on the way home I gather. Adjusting after a long trip is slow. Suddenly there is too much to do and the domestic spaces are much larger.. Unfortunately, the agenda keeps me awake. I hope you don’t have this problem.
      You have had a lot of change in your life since leaving the office Dale. Hope the last leg of the journey is surprising and beautiful.


      1. Sometimes my early morning wakeful hours are quite productive and yield clarity of thought which is transferred to notes, sometimes they’re just bloody annoying 😕
        Still in WA but heading home. Will be in touch if we decide to head to Melbourne… depends on timing with my sister’s travel plans.

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