Rare in Vietnam

Come to the centre of Ho Chi Minh City and walk down spacious Nguyen Hue Street which runs from the People’s Committee Building to the Saigon River. It is 60 meters wide and 900 meters long and is totally dedicated to pedestrians.

The heart of the city. Nguyen Hue in Ho Chi Minh City.

This may not seem remarkable unless you have travelled to Vietnam and attempted walking in the city. Footpaths or sidewalks are generally wide but are invariably cluttered with parked motorbikes and cars, street stalls, red plastic chairs, miniature pop up restaurants with small carts and barbecues, basketware and roosters in cages, parked or moving bicycles, laundry drying, the contents of shops, people sipping tea or playing cards, motor cycle repairs, renovating materials, broken bricks and uneven surfaces, making it necessary to walk along the road instead.

Nguyen Hue was once a flower market. Now a broad pedestrian space.

But then who walks in Vietnam? It is rare to see a pedestrian, other than the occasional loony tourist. The only other walkers are poor female vendors with long bamboo carrying poles full of fruit or other goods to sell, or an ancient shuffling grandmother.

No motos allowed. Yet.

14 thoughts on “Rare in Vietnam”

  1. Have you discovered cocktail hour on the umpteenth floor of the Sheraton Hotel – a must for real tropical cocktails, scenery and after-dark city-scape and photography. Try to get a seat on the outer area which has no windows.


  2. This is not at all what I would have expected in Ho Chi Minh City. It all looks more like architectural plans than actual scenes. What an eye opener! Thanks, Francesca.


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