Narrow in Hội An, Vietnam

Narrow lanes and waterways, narrow houses and boats, slippery narrow rice noodles and women in Au Dao dresses, accentuating their slender figures, there are many narrow things to admire in Hoi An Vietnam. The people, on the other hand, are open, generous and helpful, not narrow-minded or suspicious of foreigners.

Another narrow lane, Hoi An, Vietnam
Another narrow lane, Hoi An, Vietnam


18 thoughts on “Narrow in Hội An, Vietnam”

  1. The Asian people love the color yellow. I have met many Asian people with yellow cars, not something we in Oz go for much. Many of their houses are yellow too as it is known as a color of happiness. If you put some yellow ornament in your living room it immediately comes to life – funny that. Anyway the photos in this post are superb with their richness of color. The narrow laneways remind me of Melbourne’s narrow laneways scattered around the inner suburbs. In inner Melbourne it’s not unusual for a little alleyway to run down the side of a house which you don’t see in the outer burbs.

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