Yellow is the Colour of Hội An, Vietnam

I was considering calling this post ‘Mellow Yellow’ but the yellow walls of Hoi An are far too bold and daring, especially in the heat of the morning, when the colour seems to glow.  Colour has a huge effect on my outlook: I love walking around the old town of Hoi An when the party revellers and night-time vendors are still asleep and the yellow washes over me and gives me energy.

Yellow intersection, Hoi An, Vietnam.
Going to school through yellow Hoi An
Morning slow starts, Hoi An
Morning slow starts, Hoi An
Yellow Lane, Hoi An, Vietnam
One faded yellow wall, yellow lanterns and black shutters. A perfect colour scheme.

Hoi An is the only town in Vietnam to have escaped the American War entirely unscathed. Today the old town, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, is a proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site, with many restored houses open to visitors.

Beautiful Hội An girl.
Beautiful Hội An girl in Yellow Au Dai

From now on, I will always associate the colour yellow with Hoi An, Vietnam.

For my dear friend Di G, who loves this bold colour too and knows how to use it.

27 thoughts on “Yellow is the Colour of Hội An, Vietnam”

  1. Yellow it is! Looks like the perfect antidote for sun starved Victorian travelers. Just looking at the ABC weather now and 10-15 is the forecast for Melbourne so you aren’t missing much. xx

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      1. Oh yes – you realize we’re quite starved of colour at the moment. I’m heading to Surabaya later in the month so shouldn’t feel too sorry for myself – will get some warmth into my bones then. But your images of Vietnam are really enticing …

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  2. These photos brought back good memories of my trip to Vietnam and Hoi An in 2010, look forward to visiting again soon.


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