An Antidote to Vertigo in Paris

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Ground view of Tour Eiffel. I’m not coming with you Mischa.

Most visitors to the Eiffel Tower spend a lot of time looking down from the top. I prefer the view from the ground looking up.

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For the Daily Post’s weekly photographic theme- Look Up.

29 thoughts on “An Antidote to Vertigo in Paris”

  1. I agree with you ! Ithink the view from the ground up is must nicer! The eiffel tower is so magestic!!


  2. The month we visited in January 1981 the Eiffel Tower was closed for renovations, so we couldn’t go up the top, ugh! We (hubby and I) were in Paris with a bus full of teachers from Australia for New Year’s Eve and both the Moulin Rouge and The Lido were going to cost $66 each for tickets & champagne and that was in yesterday’s (1981) money!!!! In today’s money that is about $700 total. We decided not to go 😦

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  3. Oh! “They” say if one must do one thing in Australia it is to climb Ayers Rock (Uluru)!!! I chose not to but walked the perimeter and was blessed with a plethora of cave paintings, fantastic interpretive educational signage and many opportunities to walk into caves, observe mini eco-environments and take hundreds of photos looking up at this amazing spiritual monolith that has been gifted to the world to see, experience and enjoy. I have been fortunate enough to have visited The Eiffel Tower eight times over ten years whilst based in England. Back then (pre-digital DSLR cameras) it was almost obligatory to snap away from the pinnacle platform. However, I find Francesca’s eye, gift and talent to have captured awe-inspiring images that are not only contemporarily vivid and thought-provoking but should be used in a modern photographic publication which depicts the classics of this decade!

    Excellent work Francesca and good luck with your endeavours to continue to enrich us all with your passion and love of food, family, horticulture, travels and amazing recipes from your heart.

    Peter D. Far North Qld.

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    1. Peter, such wonderful praise for my holiday pics. Many Thanks. Young Mischa ( who was 14 at the time) went to the top with some people we met at the bottom, as both Stuart and I suffer from extreme vertigo.
      I also walked the base of Uluru – a wonderful experience, as well as showing respect to our Traditional owners’ wishes.

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  4. I must say I never feel the need to see things from a height but have enjoyed the times when I do. Given a choice I’m a very grounded person 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of my own visit to the Tour Eiffel.

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  5. This is the closest I will ever get to the Eiffel Tower and I love it, Francesca. It looks like lace–so pretty. And, no, I could not look down from the top, either. Your photo suits me just fine, thank you very much!

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  6. Another reason to admire it from below: the lines to go up are very, very long, and there are so many better things to do in Paris than wait in another line.

    best… mae at


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