a1 Bakery, Brunswick. Winter in Melbourne

Can we go to the a1 Bakery? This is the phrase, a little sing-song mantra, repeated by all the children whenever they’re within a stone’s throw of Brunswick. My six grandchildren, not overly fond of restaurant dining, are all excited about eating here at any time of the day.

Breakfast at A1 Bakery in Brunswick.
Breakfast at A1 Bakery in Brunswick.

The eldest, Mischa, acquired her taste for Middle Eastern pies at the age of 6 months. Now 19, she is still completely hooked. I met her, quite by chance, in the a1 Bakery last year. She had travelled into Brunswick, more than an hour’s journey by train, to pick up 15 middle eastern pies to take home to the freezer. Stuck in the outer suburbs, she gets ‘a1’ cravings. The children never stray from the halloumi stuffed half-moon pies whereas I go for the spinach and feta triangle, the shanklish or the falafel platter.

Moody Melbourne in winter and Haloumi Pies
Moody Melbourne in winter and halloumi pies

The a1 Bakery is an institution in Brunswick and the place is usually packed on the weekend. It is the home of the cheap and cheerful snack as well as freshly made pide and Turkish bread. Over the last 20 years, the pies have gradually increased in price from $2 to $3.50. The middle eastern pizzas are light with delicate toppings, while the platter of labne, pickles and bread is a new treat. The falafel comes wrapped or deconstructed. A caffè latte is only $2.50 and cold water bottles and glasses are free for the taking. The coffee is delivered to your table with a smile. Good coffee in real cups, no fake American sizing, food cooked to order, enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

A1 Bakery, the perfect snack.
a1 Bakery, Brunswick. The perfect snack.

The a1 Bakery menu can be found here.  http://a1bakery.com.au/

643-645 Sydney Rd. Brunswick VIC 3056

40 thoughts on “a1 Bakery, Brunswick. Winter in Melbourne”

  1. Sooooooo yum. Making me hanker for a trip to Brunswick. Perhaps that’s where we can catch up on a weekend before you go away?? Xxx


    1. Brisvegas. Poor Sandra, having Melbourne withdrawals. The finer weather must make up for it. Oh, I won’t mention the new/old batch of Queensland Pollies that your new State just acquired.


      1. Brisvegas is cold cold in winter Francesca, particularly July and August with very cold winds, not so much June which still reaches 24 degs in the daytime. One has to go up to Cairns for warmth in winter.


    2. No Middle Eastern bakeries in inner Brisbane but I can highly recommend King Ahiram for Lebanese plates and sweets. It’s in West End and has been around for years. We used to go after a day out at Expo 88. The same family still runs it but now it’s the grand kids. On Vulture St, down near the crossing. Small dining room, very utilitarian but the best babaganoush I’ve had outside the Middle East.

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  2. When we visited my sister then living in Thornbury it was the first place she insisted she take us to. We loved it. So hard to make only a few selections knowing a follow-up visit would be much much later.

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      1. Thank you. It’s been great. I’ve been doing at least one Instagram pic per day, visible on sidebar of my blog page and hovering cursor will show tag. We’re at Mataranka springs until tomorrow then Darwin for a week… will try for a blog post. Wishing you safe & happy travels.

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  3. We must try this place in Brunswick – A1 Bakery, Brunswick. Good grief, it’s nearer to me than you in the country and I’ve never heard of it!! Might see you there, ha ha. I’ll have my scarf on!


  4. There’s one in Dandenong too where I used to work. I’d go on a Monday morning and buy a box of the spinach & feta triangles and stick them in the freezer at the office and every morning I’d toast one in the sandwich maker for breakfast. Oh now I have A1 cravings. That’s not fair!

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    1. what a great idea Nancy- toasting them in a sandwich maker- I’ll tell Mischa this trick. A1 cravings for you too? There are so many lebanese bakeries out there but a1 always wins.


  5. Have been traveling to Ohio the last two days. Am already missing Australia. The light in the middle photo is superb. The bakery itself sounds worth a visit all on its own. Take care. xx

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  6. Francesca, amazing for someone from Perth, but I too love the A1 bakery. We went the last time we were in Melbourne. I could not believe how cheap everything was. I think a Zaatar pizza was only a couple of dollars.

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  7. This is what I love – real intel from a local about where I should be going next time I’m in Melbourne. Brunswick is one of my favourite places to wander around in. I’ve added it to my ‘food pilgrimage’ spreadsheet : )


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