Opposites in Paris

Opposites in Paris. Old and Young. Hard and Soft. Famous and Anonymous. French and Australian. Austere and Gentle.

Mischa a Parigi
Mischa a Parigi. Photo by S. Morgan aka Mr T.

This is one of my favourite photos. A teenage girl goes to Paris and things will never be the same again.

For the weekend Daily Post prompt, opposites.



18 thoughts on “Opposites in Paris”

  1. When we look back on our lives, even at a relatively young age, it is interesting to recognise the seminal moments that changed the perception of our world. I have a photo of our daughter walking along the River Seine and it represents one such moment in her life, to me. Though I imagine she might see it differently. It is a very lovely photo Francesca, so nice that you had that experience with her.

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    1. My granddaughter, needed a big change- she was struggling with sleep, waking up for school and so on. So we took her away for 6 weeks, away from school, away from everything familiar in her life. I think it helped.

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