Life Succs

succulents in the rain

No, that’s not a typo: I am referring to succulents that go by the name of succs around here. Such a popular plant, they grow easily, and have become a green fashion accessory for apartment dwellers and those with brown thumbs. They require minimal attention and behave like undemanding pets. Just break off a pup from an older plant and, eccolà, a new one grows, artfully filling the container’s space in no time. I am inclined to snap bits off plants if they grow near a fence. Plants are to be shared. None of my succs were purchased. Although they do grow with minimal water, mine love to be watered often. Spoil them and see what happens.

succulents create their own arrangements
Anduze pot of succs.

For Ailsa’s travel series this weekend, Plants.

15 thoughts on “Life Succs”

  1. I have had a couple of genuine attempts at ‘succs’ but I must have a black thumb. We don’t have enough rain to not hand water them, and the weather here is so hot they must be watered, but I never seem to be able to figure out the right amount. Have killed a small fortune of them 😦 Good luck to Yvonne!

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    1. I thought they were indestructible. They don’t like frost. Mine seem to love a drink- hand watered. My only pest is the cockatoos, who sometimes fancy destroying’art’.


  2. I’m a fan too, to me they are reminder of the gardens of my grandparents’… so an integral part of my nanna-style. While they are hardy too much tlc is a bad thing… our well meaning neighbour drowned half of ours when we we travelling through Vic even though I had said they would not need watering.


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