Chinese Menu, Yibin, China.

We could recognise the numbers  on this menu and placemat, but that’s as far as our understanding went. We were, once again, in the safe hands of Shù sōng, foodie friend from Chengdu, China, who did all the ordering. We were on the way to Leshan, home of the Big Buddha, but then we made a slight 50 kilometer detour so that we could try the noodles at this restaurant in Yibin. He ordered a huge number of dishes and then we finished with a small bowl of noodles!chinese numbers

Yibin is situated on the confluence of the Yangtze and Minjiang rivers in Western China.

This post is in response to the Daily Post’s theme this week, Numbers.

14 thoughts on “Chinese Menu, Yibin, China.”

    1. Yes, It could have said anything, but, in the hands of our friend, it translated to heavenly dishes. A few nights later though, he ordered a bag of fried pigs ears- we passed on that.


        1. It was a the only night off eating- we had fried rice,( the first time in a two week Chinese trip) he had the pigs ears, then he and Tia went to his room where he knocked them off with beer and watched a whole mini series of chinese subtitled’Homeland’s on DVD in a tiny ancient town in Sichuan. It is a small world now.


    1. Lots of oily hot chill and Sichuan pepper berry in that lot. Song drives around China as part of his job so he knows all sorts of good places, and scary back roads.


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