The End of the Season

As the holiday season draws to a close, the shoreline of Port Phillip Bay beckons, to ponder and daydream, or loiter without intent, the landscape shifting with the hour and season.

Golden sunsets by Port Phillip Bay
waiting for Icarus
Waiting for Icarus, Sorrento
Sea and Land. Looking towards Sorrento.
Sailing towards Mount Martha

14 thoughts on “The End of the Season”

  1. So it’s all a bit strange this year – Easter was early, the days are getting longer but it is still very hot. I got up the other day at 5am and really couldn’t believe it was still dark, given how early the sun rises here but have to remind myself it’s actually autumn. Still blazing away again today. Anyway, it’s odd to see the sun setting so early but I’m sitting still in singlet and shorts.


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