Sourdough Diaries and Speltification

My dear friend Rachael recently became a convert to the ‘nerdy’ pastime of sourdough bread making and with some encouragement from Sandra at Please Pass the Recipe, converted her sourdough starter into a spelt starter. Here is her first spelt loaf. Just look at that spring and crumb. rachaels bread

In January I received a lovely email from Sue. I sent her some de-hydrated starter before Christmas and just look at her first stunning  loaf. She kindly sent this photo and mentioned that her 6-year-old was onto her third slice. This is what happens with kids when they get a taste of slowly made, real tasting bread. 6b47937c-9583-4c89-b890-db8d1efdb6cc

My last week’s loaves were a mix of 35% wholemeal and 65% white bakers flour. I follow Celia’s classic method for all my loaves and the dough is usually risen overnight. I was happy with the spring on this one and favour a crunchy crust. I also make one in a Romertopf which has a softer crust which Mr T prefers.

My 35 % wholemeal loaf. I like a good spring!!
My 35 % wholemeal loaf. I like a good spring!!

Once a week I return to a yeast based dough for our pizza night. This is always a treat and a way to use up fresh garden produce. I am hoping that Rachael can teach us a speltified sourdough version one day.

Garden Pizza- with roasted cherry tomatoes.
Garden pizza with roasted cherry tomatoes.

20 thoughts on “Sourdough Diaries and Speltification”

  1. I anxiously await my spelt starter from Sandra. Having recently discovered I can eat spelt after a previously bad experience led me to believe I couldn’t, I am more than a little excited. These loaves are so nice they have raised my level of anticipation even higher! Shouldn’t there be an emoji for this??


  2. Thanks for the unexpected mention in your blog Francesca!! It has been such a wonderful learning process and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much for the inspiration, the starter, and the guidance on not only reviving the starter but all the tips along the way. My kids have also enjoyed helping with the process and learning about sourdough. I’ve continued making plain for them. I also now understand why a loaf of good sourdough costs a lot – it ain’t no quickie!! The spelt loaf has made the most delicious toast all week – I love it! Xxx

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  3. Yay, I have well and truly got the spelt sourdough bug. My loaves just get better and better thanks to mastering the slow overnight fermentation. You are so right about the difference between real bread and the other stuff. I will work on a spelt sourdough pizza dough, although so far we’ve preferred my yeast risen efforts. I wish my first loaf had looked as good as Rachel’s

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  4. Thanks for the mention Francesca!
    I bake bread every week and am enjoying experimenting with different flours, grains and seeds. A white/spelt loaf is next on my sourdough ‘to do’ list…
    ps. My six year old is still hoeing into whatever emerges from the oven. Thanks for sharing your starter. 😃


  5. These loaves look great, Francesca. I never got a good spring when I took my starter into whole wheat territory. I eventually gave up — feeding 2 starters had nothing to do with my decision. you’ve given me the bug to try again. That pizza of yours is so tantalizing. You’re right about using fresh produce.
    “A treat”, indeed.


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