Time Out by the Bay

From February to April, I travel between two homes and I always feel divided. I rather like my caravan and canvas life by Port Phillip Bay and I prefer its kitchen to the one I leave at home. Life is much simpler, the sea air wafts through open windows making sleep non Macbethian. Children play, making new friends and ignoring their IT devices. The food is uncomplicated. I call the bay my laguna.

Girls by the bay
Windy day bay
Simple breakfasts
Camp kitchen

23 thoughts on “Time Out by the Bay”

    1. I have quite a stash of Chinese Cultural revolution enamel ware. It camps with me, along with a big wok, a two burner gas stove, collected bits and pieces from the thrift shops down by the bay, and a big cooking gazebo. I’m loving it.


  1. You make me wonder… I grew to dislike camping up North but your sort is different and I might get to like that, not that we are likely to try it, but you never know! Have a lovely time!


    1. Yes, I do. I have never been fond of my kitchen, but am too frightened to embark on another renovation, given the costs involved. Maybe the beach kitchen works because of the fresh air, the element of spontaneity, and goods are purchased fresh, just before cooking.


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